Winner's Circle Luncheon


Winner's Circle Luncheon

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Our Portuguese Chicken is marinated in a blend of chillis, garlic and blackening spices before being fire-grilled.

The tender, crispy and flavourful result goes way beyond your standard roast chook lunch. Perfectly sliced and ready to serve on accompanying bread rolls, there's no better lunch to go with an afternoon of racing.

To fill out your meal we will provide four shareable-bowls of our favourite salad varieties: German Potato Salad (V, GF), Greek Salad (V, GF), Nutty Goodness (V, VG, DF, GF) and Cauliflower Kale Tabbouleh (V, VG, DF, GF).

Allergens (may vary across included dishes so please note any allergies on the checkout page): Gluten | Dairy | Egg | Peanut

V = Vegetarian | VG = Vegan | DF = Dairy-Free | Gr = Gluten-Reduced 




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