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    Minimum number per themed menu is 20 people. Please call to discuss your specific needs


    8 products
    Burger Box - LHM Foods and LHM Corporate Catering Sydney
    Burger Lunch
    from $14.50
    Thai Platter 2019, Chicken Satay Skewers, Curry Puffs, Fish Cakes, Squid, Nam Jim Sauce - LHM Catering, Local Handmade
    Thai Platter
    from $98.00
    Mezze Platter
    from $98.00
    Vietnamese Platter
    from $109.00
    Deli Platter - Sydney Corporate and Business Catering, LHM Foods, 2018
    Deli Lunch
    from $129.60
    Portuguese Chicken Platter
    Portuguese Chicken & Salad Platter
    from $155.00
    Yum Cha Platter
    from $155.00
    Mexican Platter - LHM Foods Office Catering
    Mexican Taco & Fajita Platter
    from $157.00
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